Emulsifier NF (Polawax GP-200)

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Emulsifier NF


Cetearyl Alcohol, PEG-20 Stearate


White solid beads





Usage rate

2 - 25%

Melting point

50 - 54°C

pH range

3 - 7



Palm oil

Yes, from sustainable sources. RSPO certified

Animal tested


Emulsifying wax NF is a nonionic emulsifier which has been used successfully in the personal care and pharmaceutical industries for many years.

While it's not the most natural emulsifier, it is of vegetable origin but does contain palm oil (RSPO mass balance certified)*, is very reliable and is probably the most common emulsifier used by contract manufacturers. It's also called Polawax.

Due to its versatility Emulsifying wax NF can be used in both skin and hair care systems, producing emulsions with excellent texture and stability.

In skin care products the formation of liquid crystals within the emulsion promotes 'time release' hydration, and also functions as a slow-release delivery mechanism for actives.

Usage: Usually used at 25% of the oil volume of your product.
Example: If your oil phase ingredients add up to 28g, then use 7g Polawax (7g is 25% of 28g).

Functional benefits
Mild, oil-in-water self-bodying emulsifier;
Liquid crystal formation promotes 'time-release' hydration;
Emulsions are stable vehicles for the delivery of most actives over a wide pH range;  Excellent ambient and high temperature stability;
Emulsions show good long-term storage stability;
Electrolyte tolerant;
No neutralisation required.

* http://unmaskpalmoil.com/cspo-explained/

Recipes using Emulsifier NF
Dream cream product thumb
Dream Cream

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