Makeup equipment starter KIT

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Makeup equipment starter KIT

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This pack contains all the fiddly bits and pieces that you need to start your mineral makeup making journey.
Comes in a handy Go Native box so you can keep all your equipment in one place.

Pack includes:
Make It Up - by Marie Rayma - contains all the recipes you'll need. You really need this book! If you already have it you can choose the option without the book.
Mini scales - 0.01g, very handy for working with very small amounts of makeup ingredients.
Mini measuring spoons - from 1/4 tsp - 1/64 tsp, extremely handy for measuring minuscule amounts of pigment.
Mini silicone spatula - incredibly useful for working with lipstick, allows you to blend colours and reach into small spaces.
Glass beaker - great for making lipstick and weighing and pouring small portions.
5 x pipettes - for adding drops to your mixtures.

Does not include:
Coffee grinder. Highly recommend having a makeup specific coffee grinder, one with a flat top is the best as you'll want to lay some baking paper over the top so the excess powders don't get lost in the top of the plastic lid. Kmart, Dick Smith and Briscoes are good places to look.
Can be done with a mortar and pestle but will make it much more difficult to get a smooth colour blend.

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