Solid shampoo & conditioner bars kit

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Solid shampoo & conditioner bars

Make your own solid shampoo and conditioner bars (six of each). A wonderful way to get plastic bottles out of your shower!

Vegan and cruelty free.

Kit includes:  All the ingredients divided into easy steps, instructions, 1x guest square mould.

What you'll need:
Shampoo: Pot, spatula, dust mask, knife and a stick blender is extremely useful.
Conditioner: Pot, spatula and equipment to make a double boiler (large pot and smaller pot or heatproof jug).

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Solid shampoo bars

Ingredients (makes approx 6x 50g bars)

Step 1:
SCI (sodium cocoyl isethionate) surfactant
conditioner pellets
cetearyl alcohol
cocoa butter, deodorised, certified organic, fair trade

Step 2:
decyl glucoside
lactic acid

Step 3:

hydrolysed quinoa
coco caprylate
essential oil (The vanilla option may turn the bars brown. You may wish to cover this with some colour.)
Geogard 221


Solid conditioner bars

Ingredients (makes approx 6x 50g bars)

Step 1:
cetyl alcohol
conditioner pellets - palm free
cocoa butter, deodorised, certified organic, fair trade

Step 2:
organic glycerin

hydrolysed quinoa
essential oil (The vanilla option will turn the bars brown.)
Geogard 221


About the ingredients
We know some of these ingredients are unfamiliar and unpronounceable so here's a quick summary of what they are and what they do:
SCI (sodium cocoyl isethionate) - a coconut oil-based surfactant. It is very mild on skin, hair and eyes and has a silky skin feel. SCI makes a great lather and is good for making liquid shampoos and solid shampoo bars.
Cetearyl alcohol - a cosmetic wax used as a co-emulsifier and thickener in conditioners and some creams. Made from sustainably sourced RSPO mass balance certified palm oil
Conditioner pellets - Often seen in recipes as BTMS-25. Derived from rapeseed oil and sustainably sourced RSPO mass balance certified palm oil, these pellets make a luxurious hair conditioner (the best we've ever come across) and hair detangler for leave-on and rinse-off products.
Decyl glucoside – one of the first of the alkyl polyglucoside (APG) surfactants. APG surfactants are obtained from renewable, plant-derived raw materials, such as vegetable oils and starch. They have first-rate environmental and skin compatibility profiles and fit in well with consumer demands for wellness, 'green solutions', mildness to human skin, and safety for human health.
Lactic acid - Our lactic acid is produced from fermented corn. It is used to make a harder and longer-lasting bar and has excellent exfoliant, moisturising and deep cleansing properties.
Hydrolysed quinoa - considered a complete protein, it is packed with vitamins and minerals as well as 17 amino acids which help repair damage to the hair shaft while its proteins coat and strengthen the hair. It can help to gently cleanse and nourish your hair while aiding in hair colour retention, conditioning and protection. It is also said to aid in hair growth while preventing breakage, increasing shine and the overall healthy appearance of the hair.
Coco caprylate – a skin-conditioning agent naturally derived from coconut oil to provide hydration, spreadability and slip.
Geogard 221 - Ecocert approved preservative.

Organic glycerin - palm oil free, vegetable oil based, mainly soybean and coconut oil. Glycerin is a sugar alcohol which acts as a moisturiser (emollient) and humectant, meaning it absorbs water from the air. 



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