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Deodorant PACK

This deodorant pack makes 3 large kraft tubes of deodorant.

The pack includes 3 large kraft deodorant tubes and the ingredients below.
Instructions are not included. Please see them below.

*This recipe pushes up well in kraft tubes.

This deodorant is made with magnesium hydroxide. Our skin is naturally acidic while magnesium hydroxide is alkaline, which enables it to balance out the underarm environment & counteract odour-causing bacteria on the skin's surface. The sweat we create is actually odourless but underarm bacteria thrives on it which is what results in body odour. While antiperspirants stop us sweating & starve the bacteria, natural deodorants containing magnesium hydroxide & antibacterial essential oils make the armpit area an unpleasant place for bacteria to live & feed, resulting in less odour, naturally!


Step 1
68g organic deodorised cocoa butter
68g organic refined shea butter
20g organic carnauba wax

Step 2
40g magnesium hydroxide
40g arrowroot powder
15g white clay

Step 3
68g coco caprylate
5g lactic acid
5g essential oil

1. Melt Step 1 ingredients gently on the stovetop.
2. Add Step 2 ingredients. Stir to blend until lumps are gone.
3. Add Step 3 and leave until it's quite cool.
4. Pour into tubes and leave to set.
5. The tubes may need topping up once set. Do this with the leftover mixture in the pot.

*Large kraft tubes can sometime be difficult to push up once the product has set. We have tested this formulation and it works really well, however this can be dependant on weather and temperature. What works in Auckland winter, may not be the same for Invercargill winter for example. If you need help pressing the product up we recommend using a hairdryer around the outside or wrapping the tube in a hot flannel to soften the sides.



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