Formula Botanica Masterclass Kit - Botanical face cream

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Formula Botanica Masterclass Kit

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If you're interested in skincare formulation and learning how to make your own formulations from scratch rather than following a recipe then this course is for you!

Formula Botanica starts teaching a free Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Masterclass on April 26th (NZ time), and they’ve already had tens of thousands of people sign up for their free ticket. They’re releasing 3 episodes at a time. Each one is packed full of value, and only 10 minutes long.

Formula Botanica are an accredited, gold-award-winning online organic cosmetic science school. They teach online courses for organic cosmetic formulators in over 177 countries & counting. Their graduates have started their own successful organic cosmetics brands all over the world & they are taking the global beauty industry by storm! They're on a mission to teach the world to formulate, because they believe everyone should have access to the skills to make their own safe, natural beauty products.

Formula Botanica Masterclass schedule:
April 26
Episode 1: Create your formulation philosophy
Episode 2: Prepare your formulation equipment
Episode 3: Formulate a natural emulsion (in minutes!)

April 28
Episode 4: How to choose botanicals
Episode 5: Make your emulsion botanical
Episode 6: How to choose your preservative

April 30
Episode 7: Preserve your face cream naturally
Episode 8: Customise your natural face cream
Episode 9: Make your skincare brand stand out

May 2
Episode 10: How to become an organic skincare entrepreneur

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Formula Botanica & Go Native NZ Masterclass Kit

We have three kit options:
1. Ingredients - all the ingredients you need to make your cream 3 times over!
2. Equipment - all the basic equipment you'l need for a little home lab set up!
3. Ingredients and equipment - all of it together!

250ml Kanuka hydrosol*
50ml Almond oil, sweet
20g Vegetal (emulsifier)
10ml Papaya extract
5ml Sea buckthorn fruit oil, certified organic**
5ml Orange essential oil, certified organic
5ml Geogard ECT (preservative)

*In the videos Formula Botanica will be using neroli hydrosol but we have decided to put an Aotearoa twist on our kit and use kanuka hydrosol instead. It is a beautiful hydrosol which is NZ grown, spray free, more cost effective (because it doesn't have to be brought over from India) and has been approved by Formula Botanica as an appropriate substitution. If you do wish to use neroli hydrosol you can find it HERE.

**This is in place of the Sea buckthorn CO2 Extract, it will work exactly the same and the Formula Botanica team have confirmed that this is an appropriate substitution.

Recommended Equipment
1 x 50ml glass beaker
1 x 200ml glass beaker
1 x Mini scales: 500g/0.01g (AAA batteries included)
1 x Mini whisk
1 x Thermometer
100 pack of pH testing strips
10 pack Pipettes
100ml Blue glass pot

Please note: We have provided enough ingredients to make the formulation three times over. Enough to practice! However we have just provided one pot, for once you have perfected it!


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