Lipstick KIT

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Lipstick KIT

with pre-made base

See below for video tutorial.

This pack contains enough lipstick base to make 5 x 5g lipsticks, colours (rich pigments as mica alone won't colour lipstick adequately) and a recipe sheet with the pigment volumes for making all 5 shade suggestions and recommendations for formulating your own.

You have the choice of 5 x 5ml clear glass pots (you will need a lip brush to apply), 5 x 5g white plastic tubes or 5 x 5g kraft tubes.

And a choice of with mini measuring spoons or without. If it's your first pack you're going to want the spoons as they are how you measure your pigments.

Click HERE to see Chelsea's step by step guide to making lipstick.

Pack contains:
30g vegan lipstick base*

Titanium dioxide
Rouge red (D&C Red Lake 7)
Red iron oxide
Yellow iron oxide
Brown iron oxide
Princess peach mica
Bronze satin mica
Ultramarine blue**

*Base is a recipe from Marie Rayma's book Make It Up.
Base ingredients: Candellila wax, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil, Safflower oil, Magnesium stearate, Magnesium myristate, Vitamin E.

*Ultramarines are not approved for use in lipsticks in the USA but they are approved for use in all cosmetics without restriction in Europe. Because of the approval given by the European Union we've included it in this pack but it is only required for the shade 'Naomi Smalls' so you can easily choose not to use it.

Highly recommend this equipment:
Mini silicone spatula - Useful for blending.
Glass beaker - Useful for melting in and pouring.

Also helpful:
Mini scales - only useful for dividing up your base.

And as always we highly recommend Marie Rayma's book Make It Up, lots of recipes and suggestions including the recipe for the DIY base if you want to make it from scratch.

Or you can get all of these and more in this Makeup equipment starter kit.

Shade suggestions

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