Natural colours in soap


For this loaf, I used 2T paprika and stirred it into the grapeseed portion of the recipe. I left it for two days, stirring occasionally. (This is called paprika-infused oil, so don't get foxed by fancy terms.)
When I wanted to make the soap, I poured the oil off the grains of paprika as I didn't want them in the soap. This is your choice though.
I used grapeseed oil because it is very clear. I didn't want the red of the paprika to have to compete with the green of olive oil or the yellow of rapeseed oil.

The recipe: It fits nicely in our loaf mould.
230g grapeseed oil
230g organic palm oil
230g RBD coconut oil
230g water
104g sodium hydroxide
2T paprika powder
30g palmarosa essential oil

Method: See our Cold-process soapmaking with pictures HERE and our how-to video HERE
paprika 2T in grapeseed-694
spirulina and poppy seed-822
This bar was coloured with 2T spirulina powder. I infused it with grapeseed oil as explained above. I threw in 20g of poppy seeds just before I poured.
CP soap with 30g green clay-733
This bar was made with 2T of green clay. The clay wasn't infused, but stirred in the soap mixture just before trace.
CP with rapeseed oil-450
This bar is made with rapeseed oil, not grapeseed oil, to show you how you can get a very pretty yellow soap with no added colour.