Night repair serum

Night repair serum recipe
Night repair serum

This intensely hydrating and calming night serum with anti-inflammatory botanicals helps to replenish your skin's natural oils while you sleep.

We have this serum as a ready-made product as well if you want to try it first before committing to making it yourself. Find it HERE.

49.5g | Rosehip oil, certified organic
49.5g | Jojoba oil, certified organic
0.5g | Vitamin E
2 drops | Helichrysum essential oil
2 drops | Frankincense essential oil
1 drop | Geranium essential oil
1 drop | Myrrh essential oil

  • Weigh out your ingredients (mini scales are very useful)
  • Stir until everything is evenly blended (a mini silicone spatula is helpful for this but you can use a spoon)
  • Pour into bottles and you're done!

5ml and 20ml dropper bottles are ideal.

To use: After cleansing gently massage one to 2-3 drops onto the face at bedtime.