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Mineral foundation kit

Watch our video tutorials on Making Mineral Foundation and Finding Your Perfect Tone.

We love Marie Rayma's book Make It Up so we've put together this kit which contains all the materials you need to make your own mineral foundation, designed exactly for your skin tone. The book is optional.

Recipe is in the book (along with recipes for every other kind of makeup you could want) and ingredients are provided in clear glass pots for easy access while you're working. Enough of each ingredient that you can play and not worry about getting it perfect the first time. Also the ability to make your foundation into a liquid if you wish to.

You can choose to get the kit with or without the book and mini measuring spoons. You will need them so if you don't have some already be sure to choose the option with them included.

The only other thing you'll need that's not included is an electric coffee grinder. One with a flat top is preferable so you can place baking paper between the blades and the lid to keep the ingredients from flying around too much. Link to one at the bottom of the page.

Kit includes:

Coffee grinders can be found here: https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/p/living-co-coffee-grinder/R2695742.html

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