Whipped shea

Whipped shea butter

So easy but so nice.
For this you need an electric beater that has a whisk attachment.

Put 100g shea butter in a bowl and start whisking. If it is too hard, then melt it just a little.
It's good if you can get away without doing this as it's easy to over-melt it. Then you'll have to cool it!

The heat generated from whisking can be enough to melt the shea butter. Whisk for ages (30 mins or more), so it's good if you have a machine you can turn on and leave.

The idea is to get as much air into the shea as possible. Whisk until it is twice the volume and is light and fluffy.
Pour or spoon into containers while it's still warm. When it cools it will harden but will have a wonderful light texture.

A nice touch is to use an icing bag to put it into containers.

You can add some carrier oils to the shea butter. No more than 10% though.

whipped shea side shot green-154