Summer skin cream

Summer skin cream
Summer skin cream

This beautifully scented cream is great for when skin is feeling drier. It contains moisturising shea butter and antioxidant rich raspberry seed oil, with the uplifting floral aroma of Egyptian geranium essential oil.

Makes 250g - use our Batch Size Calculator and the percentages provided here to easily adjust the volume of your batch.

Phase A (Water phase)
182.75g | 73.10% Water
12.5g | 5% Glycerin, certified organic
0.5g | 0.2% Sodium phytate - liquid

Phase B (Oil phase)
5g | 2% Stearic acid
12.5g | 5% Vegetal
17.5g | 7% Unrefined shea butter, fair trade, certified organic
12.5g | 5% Raspberry seed oil

Phase C (Last phase)
2.5g | 1% Geogard 221
3g | 1.2% Vitamin E, certified organic
1.25g | 0.5% Geranium essential oil, Egyptian

  • In separate pots heat Phase A and Phase B to 65°C. (Make sure the emulsifier in the Phase B is completely melted. Phase B may heat faster and need to be taken off the heat to cool to 65°C while Phase A catches up.)
  • When both are at 65°C, pour Phase B into Phase A and blend with stick blender until thick.
  • Let cool to 40°C then add Phase C and stir to combine.
  • Spoon into jar/jars.
To use
  • Can be applied to face or body.
  • For body use, ideally applied after showering.
  • For face use, apply after cleansing and oils and/serums, before sunscreen.

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